Everybody starts somehow. This is how I started

It comes to my mind to start with “I’ve had a very bad year last year”. Actually, no… 2016 was a great year with lots of fun, travel both for business and for pleasure, and a lot of learning on the professional part of my life.

But some very bad things still happened… I’m calling it “the Bad Influence”.

First, there was this terrible flu in a rainy and windy January Manchester that almost killed me and had left me with a dragging sinusitis. I say almost killed me, because one night I was suffocating and only God knows how bad it was and how I got to the next morning. Or maybe I will tell the story, but not now. Oh, bones sapping cold windy January rain.

Then there was the food. Well, the “Manchesterian” food, burgers, ribs, fish&chips, sweet beans with eggs and sausages. Black kidney puddings (yuck). The good wine and the salads rich in bread crumbs, with meat. More meat than green leaves. The thick soups. The frozen food for the weeks when I had no time to go out. Bad, girl, really bad.

Then, there was the history. My history with sciatica pain since I was 25. That’s a lot while ago. Two pregnancies added on top of it. Catching all the colds and flues there were, winter and summer alike. Every time with a sinusitis. And, pleasurably enough, riding my 85 kilos on a bike on the beach at night.  All these, probably, or surely, led to that terrible August morning when I could not lift myself up from my bed.  When I had to use a chair to drag myself to the bathroom. And help to get my clothes off.

Although this was not news to me as a manifestation, it was the most severe of the sciatica crisis ever. The pain. The impotence of action. And the pain, did I mention the excruciating pain? What did I do?

Well, for my approach there is again a long story. I was quite free of mainstream pharmacology (ha ha, I so love this expression) and using a homeopath since my eldest was 2. So, first thing to do, is call your homeopath for help. Help did not work. So then, I called my family doctor for help. This resulted in a painful list of anti inflammatory pills, pain killers, stomach protection to go with the before mentioned medicine. And to no result. The pain would not go away. My legs would not move, my back would not straighten, but most importantly the pain would not go away. Almost one month now. Acupuncture, vertebrology (?!)… you name it. It did work, I mean, I was able to move slightly better after one session. Back to square one before the next.

This is when Somebody saw me and said “you did not tell me you have died”… This is when I was ready to embrace any solution, even surgery, but, what a surprise, surgery was not recommended. Shedding 15 kilos was, however. (Do, please, believe me that since I gave birth to my first son I was on&off every possible – but clearly wrong – diet on earth, with no results, frustration, relapses and more kilos to add.)

And this is when Somebody sent me to Somebody Else. This is when, after two months of excruciating pain and helplessness I was put straight, I was fixed, I was put on a road to self improvement, love and blissful magic health. It was a long way, still is. But that one, first session “fixed” me in a way that I could believe that pain free is the normal status, not the exception.  These are my humble, thankful testimonials.



With this, a process started. I felt reborn, I learned of new energies, new tools. I felt and continue to feel held and cared for. Gateways open, and energy flowing. New ways of being. I love myself. I love many other people, I love more people than before, but I also love myself. I eat raw-vegan. I lost 17 kilos. I feel good with myself. I do yoga now, and am able to walk for miles. And I am always looking for a better, more natural alternative to everything.

This is also when I heard for the first time about essential oils. My therapist was using them to uplift mood, to ease pain. She lives such a clean, natural, chemical-free life. It made me curious to learn more, to see what I can do for myself, my children, my home to be healthier and cleaner and safer.

Some ways are so simple. Yet so hard to believe, accept and follow. It’s such a pity. But for Essential Oils, there are also books. Testimonials. Studies. A science behind (for the skeptics). So I started to read, and read, and read. And wanted to try. So I tried, and I had results. This is so enjoyable, it gives such a satisfaction, to be able to read it in a book, and try it yourself, and see it work. It’s pure bliss.

Still, the more I read, the more I learnt about the essential oils industry. Back to the real world, where financial schemes and profit are more important than the health of so many real people, and that of our Mother Earth.

This where I started to believe that purity is important.

I wanted more than to apply essential oils on my skin / of-course this must be safe and chemical free as well, but I needed to try and help my children too, and for some purposes essential oils should be ingested. Not to forget diffusion: who wants to breathe deeply in the symmetrical chemical sister of peppermint or lavender? 🙂

When the time comes, another article will tackle the “why doTerra” question, but I stopped at the doTerra Essential Oils. I read as much as I could, I asked as many questions, I tested. I compared. And I chose.

I learnt about CPTG (certified – and who certifies, pure – and what that is, therapeutic grade – this is to say beyond organic). I searched for this company’s values and principles, and ways of working with growers and producers. And I like what I found out. Their values are a match for mine.  I’ve red pros, and cons. And I chose.

On short, I learned a lot, and I will share some of my conclusions, sources, and ways. I buy my books on Amazon, reputed names in aromatherapy, doctors, etc. I always choose the safest way among the available ways. But I also take the courage, after informing myself as much as possible, to try. To test. To inhale and ingest, as per needs. I feel so empowered to find my ways towards a healthier and more natural life!

Be Blessed.

With thanks, there is the link of the raw vegan restaurant that fed me with their wonderful raw vegan excellent menu during my first five months on this road. I then learned to choose and combine myself and moved toward independence.




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